Cloud Hunter

Somewhere on this wonderful earth in a land of a nation it got very, very hot. The sun burnt merciless from the sky and the crop on the fields dried up. The people and their cattle suffered from hunger and thirst. All prayers remained unheard. One day a boy had an idea while looking at the clouds passing by without rain „One should shoot an arrow in“.

Though he started to make quite a special arrow. A red arrow with white feathers.

The only white flamingo feathers he owned.

After some days of hard work, the arrow was finished and in a long distance again

clouds passed by. Without hesitating he took his bow and sent the arrow apparently without target to the horizon. His people thought he was crazy and laughed at him because the arrow could not be found again even after a long search.

But the same evening it started to rain. A gentle long rain which allowed the country to blossom again during the next days.

Since this day the boy was proudly called by his people „Cloud Hunter“.


Composite-material in several layers, Acrylic, Bronzed. Bow from pine and sinew. Arrow from beech and iron head, flamingo feathers


Measure:  135 cm  x  75 cm  x  33 cm